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Discounted Rates On All International Shipments

InXpress Plus Sign DHL

As a DHL authorized sales partner, our role is to provide businesses located in the United States with the DHL import and export account numbers with significantly discounted pricing for all international shipments for your business. You can then take advantage of our DHL discounted rates and enjoy the 1-5 day global arrival times they provide.

Services included in limited time offer:

  • 65% DHL discounts for the life of your account, as long as you open an account free of charge with InXpress below
  • 1-5 day global door to door transit (barring rare customs delays)
  • Free full tracking all the way to the destination signature
  • Free and unlimited pickups directly from your location (As long as DHL regularly services your area)
  • Free packaging supplies found here, shipped directly to your door
  • Full time one-call customer service with InXpress for all quoting, pickup, clearance, tracking, and invoicing needs

"InXpress was a common sense solution for our business. We acheived great rates without a contract or volume agreement with a world-class carrier in DHL. We would recommend to any business shipping internationally no matter how large or small."

- InXpress/DHL User, San Francisco, CA

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