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Ecommerce In Brazil; Expanding Sales Into Latin America

May 19th, 2015 11:19am

Latin America; The Answer to an E-Commerce Sales Boost? 

The results are in. Internet Retailer ran a study on the fastest growing E-Commerce Markets and Latin America locked a spot inside the top 2. Coming second to only Asian-Pacific markets, the region is showing a boom in E-commerce participation. Reasons for the growth are noted as young and "tech savvy" population. Nearly 3 of every 5 people in Brazil are under the age of 30. This growth is expected to be sustainable into the future with more and more buyers learning the basics of online shopping. Ecommerce in Brazil is on the rise. 

According to Entrepreneur Online, top selling items in Brazil include:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Apparel & Shoes
  • Toys & Games
  • Consumer Electronics

It was also reported that like the USA., buyers are beginning with search engine results as a way to shop. Perhaps a good SEO strategy for Latin America and Brazil would be worth a seller's while. 


Unfortunately, there are no current FBA locations in Latin America, so shipping may be the hurdle. But, Fulfillment by Amazon is available in the United States, Canada, the United KingdomGermanyFranceItalyJapanChina, and India to ship to Latin America. For a breakdown of shipping rates to Latin America by Amazon click here.


InXpress Sample Rates And Delivery Estimates From The United States:


1 lb

10 lbs. 

20 lbs. 

Arrival Time

Latin America




3 Days 




Brazil, along with other Latin American Countries charge a hefty 60% import tax up to a shipment value of $3,000. In our experience as international E-commerce shippers, buyers like to know exactly what they are paying with a duty and tax estimate up front. We suggest using the link below to estimate fees, and sending shipments DDP (delivery duty paid) so the customer does not experience delays and hassles when buying from you. Estimate Customs Charges or Contact Us to do it for you. 

Overall, E-commerce sellers are Entrepreneurs. They are wired to make business decisions like these daily. Given the expected Latin American growth, increased number of young buyers, logistics, and customs payments. Can your product sell in the Latin American markets? 

To higher sales and smarter shipping... Thank you for reading. 
Blake Waller 
InXpress E-Commerce 


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