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InXpress created a discounted shipping solution for the E-commerce seller. Use our discounts for it all. We have been working with DHL for over 10 years making this international process simpler and more valuable. Now it is available to the E-commerce seller for FREE.

When you give us a try, you will get a login and password to our own Webship system. From here you can get package quotes, process shipments, schedule free pickups, track packages, and pay invoices. It is very simple and there are no initial or monthly fees. On top of that, should anything go wrong with a shipment, you have our contact information to get ahold of us right away without having to call DHL.

Finally, because of the business we bring to DHL they give all of our customers a substantial discount that they would not qualify for otherwise. It is the InXpress bulk pricing advantage.

So whether you are importing from the supplier or exporting to an inspection / fulfillment center, or fulfilling international orders allow us to change the game for you.


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