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Better Pages = More Sales

May 20th, 2015 12:51pm

We all want greater sales with less money spent on advertising, but what can you do that the competition is not? Here are a few hints as to how to stay ahead of the E-commerce curve. 


1. Getting customers to your site is only finding the keys to the car. To get in and drive somewhere you have to convert them into real sales! The key here is having the customer clear on what they are looking at. A landing page* is critical to exposing a product in a simple way. Other benefits include running ad campaigns for the specific landing page. If you have excess stock, running a promotion, or launching a new product this would be a great route. 

2. Product Descriptions. The best way to describe a great product description would be to give the buyer a "fresh" feeling. If your description is fresh and something the consumer has not heard numerous times, they are more likely to buy. Also, be as descriptive as possible. Older generations are very hesitant about buying something online because they cannot touch or feel it. Take this reservation away with a great and thorough description. 

3. A to Z Speed. This is the speed of the process starting from when the customer arrives at your site to when they have it at their doorstep. How fast is your site? How quick is the checkout process? Is there anything in this process you can remove? (Have you ever checked out on your site before so you know how long the process actually is? How much time does it take to package the item? What kind of speed and pricing do you have with the carriers? 

- The flagship example of A to Z speed is Amazon. New shoppers on Amazon are AMAZED how easy and fast the buying and shipping process is. Checkout average is 45 seconds and delivery average is under 3 days. Posting on Amazon and using FBA is a great solution to a lot of headaches. 

4. Have Tablet and Mobile Versions On Deck - 10 years ago less than 10% of people roamed sites on mobile devices. Today, over half are finding your site from a tablet or smartphone. Go to your page from one of these formats and ask yourself if you are pleased with the layout and if you would buy from this site. If not, change it up! 

5. Pinterest - leads all major channels in order value following checkout. If you are not utilizing this tool, sales can jump overnight! 


Lastly, E-commerce is an ever changing landscape. Staying ahead of the curve and learning about new products and services for sellers is massive when it comes to simplifying the process and ensuring your store will be around in 5 years. Follow blogs, join Facebook Groups, Twitter accounts, and Podcasts. Sellers help sellers. Just keep your ears open. 


To higher sales and smarter shipping... Thank you for reading. 

Blake Waller 

InXpress E-Commerce 





Landing Page- a simple one click website or URL that customers simply scroll down to find more information. The most efficient are very clean with a few media items to explain the product. Multi step processes such as shopping or buying a product would not be best for a landing page. Links such as "Buy Now" or "Find Others Like This One" would be how to convert sales. 


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