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How We Got Into E-Commerce:

InXpress has been working with E-commerce businesses since 2009. We saw a major shift in the market toward online sellers across different platforms and noticed that shipping samples and bulk orders were a common hassle. So we listened to the sellers:

"The supplier offers shipping of my product, but is that the best I can do?"

"Is the supplier marking up my shipping cost and taking a cut off the top?"

"I now have to ship to a fulfillment center in another country, who should I use for the best rate?"

"What are my duty and tax payments going to be for this shipment, is it even worth sending?"

Until now, it has been hard to find answers to these questions. InXpress assures you the information, pricing, and overall support you deserve when shipping your product.

How We Can Offer This Kind Of Pricing:

When you combine all of our customers, we equal that of DHL's 5th largest shipper in the world. Because of this performance, they reward our customers with an equal discount. Now, brand new E-commmerce business are getting incredible rates because of our service. The process is simple and the results are incredible.

How We Show You That We Appreciate Your Business:

There is not a single package that we do not have eyes on. With door to door tracking we are alerted the moment you have a package picked up, every stage it clears, and the moment it is delivered. Because of this, you are free to other areas of growth for your business.

From the moment contact is made you are treated as a lifelong customer. Being qualified as a Certified International Specialist in Logistics and Customer Service, we have the tools you need to succeed. The best part is, our services cost you nothing.

Our honest reps are going to provide you with the best possible route to ship product. If that is not with our carriers and our services, we know you will check back next time.

Thank you, for being a great customer.

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