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How To Delay A DHL Payment For International Shipments

Every business finance class starts with the same lesson of the time value of money. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar one year from now. When you are getting paid, you want the money at the earliest possible time. When you are in debt or have to pay, you want to pay the due amount of debt at the latest possible date without accruing interest. These principles are business basics, queuing the most accurate and most cliche term: Time is money. If a business proposed for you to pay for import shipments two months after they were shipped, with no accrued interest or up-charges, wouldn’t this be a no-brainer for you as the owner? ... Read More >>

How To Ship To Amazon

What Is The Best Way For Me To Ship Into Amazon Fulfillment?   Amazon Prime. Mothers, fathers, accountants, actuaries, school teachers and athletes are familiar with and using this service. Why? Because it is advertised on billboards, on commercials, on the web, and by Amazon itself. But what about the services we would like to know about as Amazon Sellers? As the merchants, aren't we the ones that help power this Fortune 500 powerhouse that it is today? How are products purchased from suppliers? Obtained? Listed for sale? Shipped to Amazon to be sold? These topics are not advertised by Amazon and in fact, quite hard to find t... Read More >>

Incoterms Explained

  Your Guide To Incoterms; A Complete And Simple Explanation   By InXpress E-Commerce Incoterms can be overwhelming and confusing. With the help of this article and your friends at InXpress we will make sure the correct terms and conditions are chosen for your shipment.   Incoterms are a set of rules / conditions when dealing with the sale of physical goods that need to shipped or transported. Therefore, they are a common hindrance to the E-commerce entrepreneur. Basically the terms answer 2 questions:  1) Which party (buyer or seller)  is responsible for setting up the transport details. This includes c... Read More >>

Dimensional Weight Formula: The Most Common Misunderstanding About Shipping

When shipping a domestic or international package, you are not alone when you are shocked that only a 2 pound package costs $48 to ship, or a 3 kilogram box costs $82 to import from China. Nine times out of ten, this is due to the way the carriers measure dimensional weight and how they figure it into their pricing.  Carriers make sure they are not wasting space on their plane, train, truck, vessel, etc., the shipping company is going to charge you based on whichever is the greatest between the actual weight of the package and the dimensional weight of the package. It is very simple.  The shipping companies run out of volume ... Read More >>

Better Pages = More Sales

We all want greater sales with less money spent on advertising, but what can you do that the competition is not? Here are a few hints as to how to stay ahead of the E-commerce curve.    1. Getting customers to your site is only finding the keys to the car. To get in and drive somewhere you have to convert them into real sales! The key here is having the customer clear on what they are looking at. A landing page* is critical to exposing a product in a simple way. Other benefits include running ad campaigns for the specific landing page. If you have excess stock, running a promotion, or launching a new product this would be a g... Read More >>

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